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ZOOM meetings

September 2022

Philatelic Society of Johannesburg

Wednesday 16th – 1900

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Pretoria Philatelic Society

Thursday 10th – 19:00



Thursday 24th  – 19:00  

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South African Exhibitions



8 to 12 November 2022

stamp collecting south africa



International Philatelic Exhibition under patronage of the F.I.P.


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8 to 12 November

The 2022 South African National Philatelic Exhibition  will be hosted by the Philatelic Federation of South Africa in parallel with the Cape Town International at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

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Contact: André du Plessis –



30 June 2022

South Africa’s Seventh Virtual Philatelic Exhibition (SAVPEX), a one-frame exhibition, proudly hosted by the Orange Free State Philatelic Society under the auspices of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa

Exhibits with results are available for viewing on this website under “EXHIBITS ONLINE


Top three exhibits


Designing and selecting the colours for the 1861 3c stamps of the USA

Dr Jannie Hofmeyr - Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Postal History – 95 Points


The Electric and International Telegraph Company 1846 -1870 

Dr Brian Callan - Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland
Postal History – 91 Points


Queensland 1d letter card and reply card

Mr Mark Diserio - Australian Philatelic Federation
Postal Stationary – 91 Points




A Chronology of Events Relating to the Cape of Good Hope

Open Class – Large Gold

Grand Prix Award

Dr M Rosenberg


British Bechuanaland and Stellaland

Traditional – Large Gold

SA Post Office Shield

Mr E Bührman RDPSA


Great Britain – Line Engraved to the Penny Lilac Stamps

Traditional – Large Gold

The Royal Medallion and Total Stampex Trophy

Mr M Suttil




Rhodesian Philately to 1924 – The British South Africa Company Period: Brian Trotter FRPSL, Colin Hoffman RDPSA FRPSL, Patrick Flanagan RDPSA FRPSL

Large Gold




Usually first Saturday, every month. Bellville Valley DRC Hall, c/o Postma & St Andrews Streets, Bellville


Open: 09:00 – 12:30



Ken Joseph of Philatelic Friends (072 5971287)

Robert Harm (082 925-7103)



First Saturday, every month. Greek Orthodox Church Hall, corner Roper St and Lynwood Rd, Brooklyn


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Paul van Zeyl



Second Saturday every month. Kyalami Country Club, 433 Maple Rd, Kyalami AH, Midrand


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Clinton Goslin

Kenny Napier



Third Saturday, every month. Kyalami Country Club, 433 Maple Rd, Kyalami AH, Midrand.


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Paul van Zeyl   paulvz@m



Last Saturday, every month. Edenvale Bowling Club, 6th Avenue, Edenvale


Open: 09:00 with Auction at 11:00


Contact: Kenny Napier




The 83rd Congress of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa was convened at Kopano Nokeng, Bloemfontein on 23 October 2021


Members attending Congress

06-Vrijstaat 2021

Back Rows L-R: Pauw Steyl, George Philatelic Society; Leon Jacobson, Sasolburg PS; Alan Rose, East Rand PS; Howard Green, Hon. Life Vice President; Peter Oppenheim, Witwatersrand PS; Ian Matheson, PS of Johannesburg; Diederik Viljoen, Bellville PS; Andrew McLaren, Royal PS of Cape Town; Lourens Erasmus, Afrikaanse Filatelievereniging van Pretoria; Victor Millard, Royal PS of Cape Town; Ronél Erasmus, Afrikaanse Filatelievereniging van Pretoria; Dave McWilliams, East London PS; Joof van der Merwe, OFS PS; Adél Bulpitt, Pretoria PS; Herwig Kussing, Port Elizabeth PS; Emil Minnaar, Hon. Life Vice President; Garry Osthoff, OFS PS, Vernon Mitchell, Port Elizabeth PS; André du Plessis, COO; Trevor Harris, Sasolburg PS; Seated Derek Roth, Treasurer; Neil Cronjé, Chair Management Committee; Jim Findlay, President of Foundation; Peter van der Molen, Hon. Life President; Hugh Amoore, PFSA President; Michael Wigmore, Chairman of the Jury

Jim Findlay RDPSA,

Foundation Chairman,

delivering his opening

address at Congress 2021


Back from L to R: Paul van Zeyl, André du Plessis, Herwig Kussing, Neil Cronjé, Ian Matheson;

Middle Pauw Steyl, Jim Findlay, Richard Johnson, Hugh Amoore, Emile Bührman;

Seated Emil Minnaar, Peter van der Molen, Howard Green, Michael Wigmore

Philatelists awarded with top PFSA awards


Roll of Honour of Distinguished Philatelist of South Africa (RDPSA):

Dr Keith Klugman, (Philatelic Society of Johannesburg)


Skinner Cup:

Dr. John Barry (Pretoria Philatelic Society)


Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion: Prof Alex Visser RDPSA (Pretoria Philatelic Society)

Online Updates to Ralph Putzel’s “Postmarks of South Africa”


WE Lea Cup: Dr. Alan Rose (East Rand Philatelic Society)

Involvement with and mainstay of the Editorial Board of The SA Philatelist since early 2000’s


Jack Hagger Trophy: Roger Porter RDPSA

Best article in the SA Philatelist in the past year


Federation Plaque: Xavier Laubscher

Recording and listing of modern RSA and Namibia FDC’s and other material over many years



Two Honorary Life Vice Presidents were elected at Congress 2021:


Howard Green RDPSA                                 Emil  Minnaar RDPSA




President: Hugh Amoore RDPSA FRPSL

Honorary Life President: Peter van der Molen RDPSA FRPSL

Honorary Life Vice Presidents:

Howard Green RDPSA

Emil Minnaar RDPSA

Vice President: Vacant

Chairman, Management Committee: Neil Cronje RDPSA

Treasurer: Derek Roth

COO: Andre du Plessis RDPSA

Vice Presidents (Regions):

Region 1: Gauteng and North West: Peter Oppenheim
Region 2: Eastern Gauteng: Colin Bousfield
Region 3: Pretoria, Mpumalanga & Limpopo: André du Plessis RDPSA
Region 4: Free State/Northern Cape: Dr Leon (Jake) Jacobson
Region 5: KwaZulu-Natal: Vacant
Region 6: Western Cape: Diederik Viljoen
Region 7: Eastern Cape: Vernon Mitchell
Region 8: Outside Areas: Richard Stroud RDPSA

Keith Klugman 1

Keith Klugman RDPSA, arrangements for signing the Roll of Honour of Distinguished Philatelist will be arranged in due time

Honorary Life Vice Presidents

21-Vrijstaat 2021

Emil Minnaar RDPSA and Howard Green RDPSA

John Barry 2021

John Barry from the Pretoria Philatelic Society was awarded the Skinner Cup


Alex Visser RDPSA, receiver of the

Manfred Weinstein Memorial Medallion

R Porter1

Roger Porter RDPSA receiver of the

Jack Hagger Trophy, 2021

Alan Rose

Alan Rose receiving the WE Lea Cup

from PFSA President, Hugh Amoore

Neil Cronjé and Derek Roth

Vernon Mitchell, Herwig Kussing, Dave McWilliams and Jim Findlay